New version of the script

I have taken the original depositions from the three main characters and their wife/sister/mother, and gotten my father, a neighbor, and a co-worker to read from these texts into my iPad recorder. I edited them into a narrative of the story they told about burning the mare’s farts, then spliced clips from the recordings together, along with some recordings I made myself (with a pitch-shift to macho it up for male voices). I am still not entirely sure I am going to like this version yet. It deals only with the story of the mare which is a plus, but not the rest of Elizabeth How’s story, which is a minus, but we shall see. I like the fact that the narration is taken directly from the original sources, and that I can have the bizarre things happening on screen at the same time.

The new script is here:

Blue Blazes – New Script, 4/11/12

I will make a few cards that show the speaker, as in the True Crime shows, and then will play with my existing storyboard cards to fill in the action, and see how I like it.

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