The pig flip

My work yesterday evening was to try to work out the timing for the pig flip with five main positions: start, up, rotate to 90°, rotate to 180°, down. Very brief – two seconds max. In the first attempt I did of this last week, there was a lot of concern by my test audience that the sow was squashing the piglets, so I’m making them fly out of immediate danger of that consequence – see the red arcs.  I tried this before running the sequence, so it was a start, but only two of the piglets remained in the frame!  There’s a lot of squash and stretch on the sow, which I think works well.  Not sure yet what to do with the farmer standing on the left, witnessing this. He is there for scale and composition – I’m not sure I really need him, but I do think about having him catch one of the flying piglets, or have one bounce off of him, if I decide to include him in the final shot.

Preliminary extremes for the the pig flip

After running it, I decided to work on the flying piglets separately:

Timing the piglets – they all land at different times.

And this is the end result. The sow is (mostly) on twos, and the piglets are on ones, landing separately, and with a little bounce:

I’ve posted this 2-second working clip publicly to tempt folks to join Vimeo, and let me know they want to see more of the work I’m doing.

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