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Take 3 on the Storyboards

After going over the feedback from Melissa West and Melissa Gabelman (thank you, both!) on the previous version of the animatic, I have gone back and redone the storyboards again, to make a new animatic, entirely from the storyboard drawings. … Continue reading

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Background Experiments

Most of the past two weeks have been booked by another project I’m working on, specifically about visiting archives around Massachusetts to examine 17th century handwritten manuscripts, which has fit in nicely with what I have been thinking about how … Continue reading

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I made these two maquette heads a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I’d post them here now.  I will be using them to do more of my key drawings when I’m ready to start drawing those.  I may … Continue reading

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Rethinking My Workflow

I have found that I need to spend more time polishing the overall composition and timing of the film before I get too far into the specific drawings.  This is how Richard Williams describes how to proceed in the Animator’s … Continue reading

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Software & Vimeo

I am having a major issue with the way the animatics are posting to Vimeo – too many frames are dropping out. This is possibly due to the nature of my Tech4Learning’s Frames software renders the QuickTime.  It allows me … Continue reading

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Character Designs

Although I don’t feel like I’ve gotten everything I thought I could get done accomplished, I have been working every day.  Designing the other characters has been interesting, and easier than I thought it would be.  Elizabeth How, I’ve made … Continue reading

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Music tempo and frames per second

I am working with Garageband and have encountered something I’m not sure what to do about.  I have always thought about standard animation as 24fps – shot on ones, that’s 24 separate frames per second, or shot on twos, that’s … Continue reading

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Companion website for the film

I have registered the domain name and started a companion website for the film at It is barebones at this point with minimal content and even less style, but I wanted to get it up soon so that I … Continue reading

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Preliminary rough animatic posted

I’ve put together a very rough animatic, based on my storyboards for the film, but it is available this week on Vimeo only to this week’s preview audience members and people who are assisting me: There are major timing issues … Continue reading

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“Blue Blazes” Inspiration Board, and more

This week is devoted to putting a lot of pieces in place. The first is to create an inspiration board for the film, which I’ve done at Pinterest: So far it has a lot of images of horses making … Continue reading

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