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The pig flip

My work yesterday evening was to try to work out the timing for the pig flip with five main positions: start, up, rotate to 90°, rotate to 180°, down. Very brief – two seconds max. In the first attempt I … Continue reading

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Milt Kahl

It’s totally wrong to even presume to compare myself to Milt Kahl, but so often in recent weeks, I’ve been reminded of the bit in Richard Williams’ book when he describes asking Kahl if he ever listened to music while … Continue reading

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More on voices

I was listening to This American Life Saturday with a story by Welsh writer/journalist/humorist Jon Ronson reading from his book about the Psychopath Test (I’ve heard it before – it first aired a year ago) and I was captivated by his voice. … Continue reading

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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a woman who everyone thought was a witch… I am trying to figure out how much time I have to establish the series of past accusations against Elizabeth How. I have started drawing a … Continue reading

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Music Track for Take #8

With Take #8 posted at Vimeo, I suddenly realized that at about two and a half minutes, it’s about the duration of the main part of “Germany,” the musical composition by Ryan Love that he had sent my way back … Continue reading

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Another Pencil Test

For all the drawing I’ve been doing this past week, when it’s come to doing my first pencil test of a character, I feel like I’ve seized right up again!  Arrgh!  But I still have something, as a place to … Continue reading

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Disney’s “Chicken Little” (1943)

In 1943, Walt Disney released a short called “Chicken Little,” using the traditional story of the little chicken who gets bumped on the head and starts running around causing a panic, convinced that the sky is falling. But in this … Continue reading

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