Music Track for Take #8

With Take #8 posted at Vimeo, I suddenly realized that at about two and a half minutes, it’s about the duration of the main part of “Germany,” the musical composition by Ryan Love that he had sent my way back in March, so I’ve made and posted a second version of Take #8 with a music track laid in.  There are places where it really works, and others where it’s just “off” but that’s something that can be tweaked as I animate so that the various hits come on the beats, etc.  I’m still thinking there should be some vocal work in this, with the music ducked, but this feels like progress.  I think this is where using bar sheets will have to come in. I’m not certain that this is definitely the music I want to use – I may want to see if Ryan can come up with something that works  musically closer to the rhythm of the story, but we’ll see!

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