More sketching of the Deacon

To do my pencil test of the Deacon (Isaac Sr.) contemplating what to do, I really need to work more on what kind of expressive acting range I can give him, and what I want to communicate about his inner workings in those expressions in the situations he’s in, so I’ve started just trying to sketch him in all sorts of ways. It’s becoming increasingly easy to draw him recognizably – imagine that! – but it still feels like I’m just scratching the surface on getting him to be expressive.

Isaac Sr.: various expressions

Isaac Sr.: various angles

As I work on getting to know how to draw him better, I need to see how much I can push the drawings yet retain his recognizability. Most of the emoting currently seems to be coming in the eyes, eyebrows and mouth (I’ve been kickstarting myself with Nina Paley’s Face-O-Matic to start getting more expressive). I am having trouble, though, dealing with the jaw and it’s effect on the shape of his face/head. I should push it further than feels comfortable/recognizable and see how that goes, but I’m not there yet. I have been playing it pretty safe in these drawings, working on mastering the character and keeping it consistent, but I’m concerned that it will result in the character being too static and just not funny enough.

I’ve also got some started for Tom, the Deacons’ brother-in-law:

I’m going to watch some Tex Avery tonight, since he does so much to push his characters into all kinds of shapes – to kick my butt some to take some chances!

Tex Avery: Wolf from Dangerous Dan McFoo

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