Working through my writer’s block

I’ve been having a really tough time with trying to get the flow of the film going right, to the point where I’m feeling totally stopped up.  Not good.  So I’ve decided that since the main scene in the film is basically all laid out – even if the surrounding story is not firmed up yet – I will start working on animating the pipe scene. I’m doing this mostly to try to get myself loosened up, and to start seeing some of the film for real in front of my eyes so that maybe I can get the harder parts to become clearer in my head.  I have to animate to be able to see what I want to animate.  Something like that. I can’t just keep running around in circles with my animatics that look so dull.  So I’m starting with the easiest (?) scene I can think of, and that’s the one with the pipe in the hand, being swiveled around to  poke into the “fundament” of the sick mare.  The visual challenges of the foreshortening of the pipe stem, the arc of the turn, etc. are all tangible challenges that my brain can handle, and maybe while I’m doing THAT, other parts of my brain can start figuring of the framing of these events within the rest of the film.

And since I’m starting to do actual drawings for the film, I have had to make a decision about field size. I’ve opted for 16×9, so I can go HD right from the start. This did require looking up info about field charts, and I found some free templates here:

They are sized primarily for 12f paper but I’m working on 10f paper, so I had to make my own, marking off the field centering it at 4.25″ above the center peg, and measuring  the widest frame at 24cm x 13.5cm. We’ll see how it goes…

Having technical issues to tackle feels easier to tackle now than the story-writing issues – something that I think just needs to percolate more, and I ned to do something to fill in that time so that the film does just sit on a back burner.

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