Rethinking the Narration

 I have watched the last version of the animatic (#4) a few times, and haven’t been happy with it, so I spent some time last night watching the following shorts that have a narrator:

Two by Torill Kove:

and this one by Brad Neely, “The Professor Brothers – Bible History #1 (Sodom & Gomorrah)” that Nina showed me last year:

I’m trying to think of a few more to watch. The critical thing they have is that the narrator  has a distinctive “voice” – by which I don’t mean it in the way that “Sarah Vowell has a distinctive voice,” but as in a way of telling the story that is evokes their personality and is compelling on its own.  So I am in search of that “voice” for Blue Blazes.  I think it’s time to write a few different drafts, each from a different perspective.  I suspect that telling the story from the perspective of being critical of the Cummings family and other accusers is not going to work as well as possibly telling it from the perspective of someone who truly believes Elizabeth How was a witch and that the business with the mare was actually a valid attempt at veterinary medicine.  More writing this week then.  And finding more short films with strong narration “for inspiration.”

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