Background Experiments

Most of the past two weeks have been booked by another project I’m working on, specifically about visiting archives around Massachusetts to examine 17th century handwritten manuscripts, which has fit in nicely with what I have been thinking about how to do the backgrounds in this film, but has taken all my time, and I haven’t been able to work on the film directly. My idea is to use images of the witchcraft documents themselves to form the backgrounds and sets for the film. This morning, I’ve worked a little with using a manuscript in perspective to make it look like a field, for the background of the scene where Isaac Sr. & Mary go visit the neighbors on their mare:

Sample field background

A "field" made with an image of one of the manuscripts.

I haven’t gotten it just right yet, and I have the idea that the background might move, too, to change perspective as the couple and the mare walk along, but so far, my experiments to make this happen in Flash with this image have been choppy and they tend to strobe, so I need to do more experiments before I decide whether to bag it or not.

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