Character Designs

Although I don’t feel like I’ve gotten everything I thought I could get done accomplished, I have been working every day.  Designing the other characters has been interesting, and easier than I thought it would be.  Elizabeth How, I’ve made very round and pleasant – the kind of person you can imagine would laugh:

Elizabeth How Elizabeth How Elizabeth How

I’ve given James How, Jr. a slight beard – no real reason except to differentiate him from the other characters:

James How, Jr. James How, Jr.

Mary (Andrews) Cummings, who is really nasty:

Mary (Andrews) Cummings Mary (Andrews) Cummings

Two sketches of the two ministers from Ipswich, Rev. Phillips and Rev. Payson. I like the direction they are going in.

Revs. Phillips & Payson Revs Phillips & Payson

The least developed feel like Hannah Perley’s mother and brother, and I don’t have anything yet for Hannah herself:

The Perleys
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