Music tempo and frames per second

I am working with Garageband and have encountered something I’m not sure what to do about.  I have always thought about standard animation as 24fps – shot on ones, that’s 24 separate frames per second, or shot on twos, that’s 12 separate frames per second.  Seems Easy to match up with standard 4/4 music beats that often have 120bpm, or 2 beats per measure, all of which divides up nicely to match the animation frame rate of 24fps.  But we’ve been doing 30fps for television/cinematic high quality animation – 15 drawings per second on twos. (See below…) I’m wondering if I need to set up my dummy music track in GarageBand at 3/4 and 60bpm, or maybe 180bpm, so that I can better match up with the 3/5 factors needed for synchronizing with the 15fps of the drawings…  Still working it out.

“For standard quality web animation, there are 12 frames per second; high quality web animation downloaded over high bandwidth goes up to 15 frames per second – which is, coincidentally, the default frame rate for standard quality television animation. 24 frames per second can be either high quality TV animation, or low quality cinematic animation, while high quality cinematic animation is generally 30 fps.”

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