Preliminary rough animatic posted

I’ve put together a very rough animatic, based on my storyboards for the film, but it is available this week on Vimeo only to this week’s preview audience members and people who are assisting me:

There are major timing issues that I am not going to worry about resolving right now: I need to show the rough to Ryan Love, the composer/musician who I’ve interested in helping me with the music for the film. I can’t set the timing until I have the music in place. He and I discussed the possibility of period music, but he said that might be too “predictable”, and thought maybe something a little “Danny Elfman-esque”, blend of “morbid humor”. Without seeing the animatic, he made a suggestion of I listen to this one of his compositions, “Germany” at SoundCloud:

I’ve run a couple of tests with this against the animatic, as it is, and there are some moments I really like, so we’ll see what we might be able to do from there. I want to hear what else he might come up with.

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