“Blue Blazes” Inspiration Board, and more

This week is devoted to putting a lot of pieces in place. The first is to create an inspiration board for the film, which I’ve done at Pinterest:


So far it has a lot of images of horses making odd faces, engravings of common folks by Marcellus Laroon from 17th century London, men lighting pipes, various methane flames, old barn exteriors and interiors, and the beginning of some sources for a color palette.

I am also trying to figure out how to do something similar for collecting sound, as I put together my ideas for the kinds of music (English country dance music from the period?), voice samples for the characters, and foley artistry for the film. I may wait until I get the official website launched to do this, and then move the inspiration board there.

For the time being, the production schedule is being prepared with Google Docs:


I have been collecting a list of audience volunteers to screen the twelve weekly versions I will produce between now and May 24th, the target final screening date, and recruiting various people to help me with the film. The main task this week is to have a full version of the script, storyboard the whole thing, record dialog slugs, and post the animatic on my Vimeo channel.

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